Paathshala Trust

Volunteer Application Registration

Become a volunteer if you are motivated and ready to help others.

The Costs of the Volunteer Programs​

Paathshala Trust Application Fee: US $150.00.

The application fee covers administration, marketing, program information, communication and direct support to our partners in India.

Program Fee: (All costs are in US Dollars)

(in weeks)
2 3 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 24
Project Costs 400 500 600 675 750 825 900 975 1050 1125 1200 1300

The program fee includes :

  • Administrative charges;
  • Training fees;
  • Charges for accommodation;
  • Meals during Training and Placement;
  • Transportation of volunteers and
  • Expenditure for supervision.

The other expenditure you would be required to meet are:

  • Your flight charges,
  • Visa (a 65 day tourist visa is US $30 only. The extensions are charged at US $30 per 30 days. The maximum number of renewals is three).
  • For still/video photography at museums, travel insurance, police check and corresponding airport departure taxes.
  • You may need a weekly budget of up to US $20 to support your general expenditure like bottled water, personal items, beverages and entertainment.

Village life in India is relatively inexpensive in comparison to cost of living in western countries and you can hardly spend US $10 per week during your placement.