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To recognize and foster the powerful leadership capabilities and advancement of women as independent individuals.





Volunteer with Women Empowerment in India

Help & Support Indian Women

Traditionally, India has a patriarchal system. While barriers are broken and many women are marching ahead in all walks of life, there are a lot more who are deprived of their basic human rights. They come last in the structure of the family. They need support socially and legally to lead a life of dignity. Paathshala Trust has joined hands with local partners who work for women’s causes and offers placements to volunteers.

Your Inputs as a volunteer:

As a volunteer you will get plenty of opportunities to help empower women. You can work in areas like adult education, drug de-addiction, health awareness and vocational training. You would share your knowledge, experience and exposure with the women around you to enhance their self confidence, skills and understanding of the world. Women’s rights organizations too can benefit from your knowledge and education to better their mechanisms of delivery and establish an equitable society.

Project Skills required:

As a volunteer is this soft field you need to be very motivated and compassionate. If you have functional knowledge about human rights, women empowerment and gender issues, it will be of great advantage to the organization and the women that you are going to be involved with.

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