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Street Children Education

At our organization, we are dedicated to providing quality education for street children who live in the urban poor areas of the city.





Street Children Volunteer Program in India

Work for street children's Education & well being

While walking through Indian cities it is not uncommon to view communities living in makeshift tents, building their lives with only the very basic amenities. Families of these communities have no knowledge on matters that are simply common facts in many other areas of the world; such as birth control. The average family in this condition would house between 4-6 children. These children have come to be known as ‘Street Children’.

Access to education is a distant cry for such children who work from dawn to dusk in filth, collecting garbage, and other pieces of value to make a living for their family.

These children live well below poverty line, lack the basic knowledge of hygiene and are also vulnerable to crimes like child sex and drugs. The schemes teachings are conducted in an assuring, friendly environment aimed to build self esteem and gear children towards the knowing of a more positive lifestyle. The project aims to motivate children to join a government school which leads to basic education and with guidance, further education.

International volunteers are a primary key of success throughout the full cycle of this project; attracting ‘Street Children’ into the scheme right through to overseeing admittance to further education.

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