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Our mission is to provide an enriched early childhood education experience for all children, regardless of their abilities.





Volunteer Program in India

Childcare Programme

Pre-School childcare or baby sitting is a very new concept in Indian sub-continent, mostly family member (women) provided ample childcare support. With the development of Indian economy a lot more opportunities are there for women and hence women are going out to work.

There is an eminent need of childcare centres throughout India. Childcare volunteers work with childcare centres commonly known as Aanganbari.

In line with the expected activities of such institutions, the volunteer activities include but not limited to:

  • Ensuring maximum possible attendance of children to these centres through awareness building in the community.
  • Individual interest and care for the development of the children.
  • Assisting staff for record maintenance of each child for there health, vaccination, growth and dietary condition.
  • Preparing and feeding a specially prepared nutritious meal for children along with centre’s staff.
  • Constant examination of pregnant women and newborn babies in the area for regular health check ups and vaccination.
  • Creating and maintaining a colourful and enjoyable environment for the children with games, stories and other creative activities.

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