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Our Teaching English program in India is an incredible opportunity for both the kids and volunteers.





Volunteer Teaching English in India

Volunteer To Teach English

Though the system of teaching is different in India, the volunteers can proceed in their own way of teaching English. Sometimes you may need to follow the school curriculum. For e.g. encouraging the student to prepare for examinations. During the time you work as a volunteer in a school, you would stay with an Indian family near the school. Volunteers are required to teach for 2 to 6 hours daily in a six-day week. The time schedule may vary from one school to another. The weekly holiday is Sunday. You can also undertake teaching in youth clubs or women’s group for informal education for 1 to 2 hours a day. The students’ age range would be between 10-14 years and they would have basic English knowledge. In youth clubs, volunteers are encouraged to work hand in hand with local teachers to help them develop conversational skills and adapt new teaching techniques.

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