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At Paathshala Trust, we provide affordable volunteering programs in India for individuals, couples, families, groups, and students.
Our volunteer opportunities give you the chance to make a real difference in the lives of local communities who are in need.

Program Location: Rajasthan – a museum of Indian culture.

Rajasthan is one among a very few regions of the world that remained untouched by the influence of time for over centuries. It is amazing to know that 80 percent of this land is considered as tourist destination. Even today the medieval charm of the forts, the gentle winds from the distant sand dunes whisper us the tales from times unmemorable. With diversified climatic conditions, castles, wild life sanctuaries, world famous temples, trekking routes, camel rides, dancing peacocks, simple and happy people and their rich culture that throws its enduring magical aura – Rajasthan has something special to offer to every type of traveler.

One would obviously be anxious to experience every hue of this tourism paradise named Rajasthan. Just traveling through this land brushing the cities and visiting tourist spots cannot cater to the appetite of a true traveler. To get to the core of this vast and vivid culture, you should live with these people, participate in their festivals, stay in their homes, eat their food, play with their kids and should lead your life according to Rajasthani standards and customs in every possible way. Working as a volunteer of Paathshala Trust offers you exactly the same thing.

About the program

This program is going to make you experience those exciting and beautiful things you would never expect to face in your life. Volunteers from all over the world would join you offering you a broad spectrum of friendly relations. The starting point of your itinerary would be New Delhi where our representative would pick you up. A night’s stay at Delhi would be provided to relax yourself. The next morning we would move to Jaipur, the capital city of the state and the showcase of Rajasthan’s extraordinary architecture. Jaipur is rightly called as pink city, the color associated with hospitality in Rajasthani culture. Here you would stay with local host families. The warm welcome of the people you have never seen before and their childlike affection creates an instantaneous intimacy with this land and people. In Jaipur you would participate in a four-day orientation, learn about rural lifestyle, their interesting culture. This program is organized by local NGOs to give you an idea of different social issues in the rather neglected areas of this region. It would be very exciting that a little by little you become a part of this most ancient culture of the world. Besides this you would have ample time to visit all important and beautiful places that a normal tourist could visit.

After these four days program you would move to rural areas, the very core of this enigmatic land, to work there as a volunteer. The working areas are in Jaipur and Alwar Districts. Your daily work mainly involves teaching English or math. You would also make students participate in creative and funny activities to ignite their imagination and creativity. The moments you share with these sweet little buds create an unforgettable impression in your heart forever. The goal of your work is to make learning a joyful experience to the children. Volunteers also have a chat with children’s families, make them realize the importance of education and motivate them to send their children to school. Serving these poor innocent people without expecting anything in return brings you a satisfaction beyond description which money cannot buy.

Depending on the needs of the local NGO partners, you would work on other community development activities like tree plantation in schools and villages, conducting health checkup camps for children and their families, skill enhancement and practical training programs for teenage girls etc. Spending days entirely away from your daily routine leaves you with a lifetime memory of perfect tranquility and splendor.

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