Paathshala Trust

Volunteer Activities

Make a difference by volunteering at the Paathshala Trust and creating a connected community for all.

To achieve the desired impact, all of our actions are in line with the sustainable development goal.

Whatever the action taken, or policy made by any government, institution, organization or charitable trust… can be said to be fruitful only when the common man, the most down trodden one, the very last one in the chain of development – is benefited. The activities of Paathshala Trust are guided by this fact.

The organization is committed to those activities that would generate an active reaction over issues relating to environment, hygiene, moral and social values, sustainable development, practicing non-violence and reformation of misled youth who would otherwise be anti social elements. The root cause for all the evils that rural Rajasthan has been facing today is lack of proper guidance to and awareness in the people who live here. Paathshala Trust has taken up its activities to the level of movement by bringing about awareness in these people about the consequences of various things that eventually affect their own lives.

Paathshala Trust has chosen Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, as the hub of its activities. Renowned the world over as the pink city and considered as one of the best planned cities during the British Raj, Jaipur  is one of the most beautiful cities of India and has been in the top list to attract international tourists. Since it has evolved as an important center for crafts and trades like gems, jewelry, marble, enameling, metal work, handloom and printed cloth, woolen carpets etc., rural population are drawn to the city for employment and Jaipur is gradually expanding into a densely populated metropolis. These people are mostly uneducated and homeless and have to eke out their lives with a meager income of less than one US dollar per day. Paathshala Trust has been striving to fill hope in these distressed masses by various programs in Jaipur and adjoining villages. These activities are: –

Covid Awareness Drive

COVID Awareness Drive

Paathshala organised a COVID awareness campaign and gave out COVID kits to more than 350 kids, which contain a mask, hand sanitizer, and  liquid hand soap, tooth paste & brush and pensil.

Food Packet Distribution

Food Pkt Distribution

Paathshala developed an inhouse kitchen to provide food packages to more than 1000 individuals for two weeks at the height of the Covid crisis.

Family Care Bags Distribution

Family Care Bags Distribution

At the peak of the Covid crisis, when many daily wage workers lost their job or don’t had any work to do and no source of income, Paathshala with the support of the GOONJ distribute Family care Bags containing Blanket, carpet, Sleepers, Mask, Mosquito net to more than 500 families.

Stationary Distribution

Stationary Distribution

Since less fortunate children lack the essential stationery they need for school each day, Paathshala organised a donation drive with the help of volunteers. After collecting the necessary supplies, the organisation gave out stationary kits to more than 350 children.

Vocational Training

Our younger kids received vocational training in addition to their basic education to  develop more practical skills.

Girls Empowerment

Addressing gender inequalities and promoting women’s and girls’ empowerment and well-being to build an equal future for all children.

Sachool Re-Admission

Due to COVID School close for almost two years, it primarily affects underprivileged children because their parents no longer have a job and cannot afford to send their children back to school. Paathshala conducted a root cause survey and assisted more than 110 children in re-admission to school. Additionally, Paathshala made sure that each child had all the school necessities, including bags,  dresses, shoes, and stationery.

Road Safety

Road Safety Training

Road safety is of prime importance as road accidents are among the biggest causes of deaths in the country. With the number of vehicles on our roads increasing with every passing hour, it’s of vital importance for everyone to have traffic awareness and understand and respect all the road safety rules in India. Collobration with Time of India we conducted lots of awareness drive to make students aware about road safty.

Daily Classroom Activity